Dogs are simple creatures, aren’t they? As long as they are fed and watered, along with the occasional walk, all is right with the world, right? Wrong.  Your pet will require constant love and affection, and a house which is dog-friendly.  Of course you’ll be able to learn a lot along the way it’s good to have some basics in mind so here are six tips to help you make your home as friendly as possible for your pooch.

Provide Space

This is an obvious one to start out with.  Just as we do, dogs need their own space to walk, run around, and just plain be a dog.  How much space your dog needs will depend on what breed it is since each breed will reach a different size and have a different activity level.  For those with limited space not to worry as there are many small dog breeds that are suitable for apartment living.

You’ll want to make sure your pet has its own personal space inside your living area. A marked out spot for a dog bed or crate is essential. This will allow your dog to retreat to when tired, stressed, or just when it wants to be alone.

You’ll Need An Outdoor Area

Dogs need to be able to go outside so they exercise and go to bathroom.  In fact you’ll need access to some sort of garden, yard, or outdoor space to properly house train your pet.  A large garden will allow your dog to run around and exercise which will go some way in keeping your dog fit and healthy.  Although regular walks are a must.

The larger the space the better since you can have designated certain areas for specific uses such as going to the toilet.  You can encourage your dog to keep to one spot instead of going wherever they feel like it by using extras like a dog fire hydrant as a marker.   Many owners have taken to using artificial grass for their dogs in these areas which helps to protect their real lawn from damage.


Put In The Time

A dog-friendly home is about more than just its physical elements. In order to be a dog owner, you will need to be able to dedicate enough time for your new companion. Failure to do so can result in the dog feeling isolated and develop behavioral problems when left alone. Excessive barking is not only annoying but it can be a nuisance to neighbors.

When first bringing home a new puppy, it is best to have a solid week at home that you can spend to with your dog and help to settle into its new surroundings.  Of course as your pet grows you’ll want to provide daily training, play, and exercise time too.

Get The Required Grooming Supplies For Your Breed

Different types of dogs will require different amounts of grooming. For example, a Labrador will require minimal amount with only the occasional bath needed, while a breed like the Cocker Spaniel will need to be brushed and have its hair cut regularly to avoid matting that can become painful.

Regardless of the breed you will want to invest in the appropriate type of brush, shampoo and nail clippers. Not only is grooming essential for dogs, but it can also act as a good bonding activity, helping to earn your dog’s trust.

Invest In Toys

By ensuring that your home is fully equipped with dog toys for your new member of the family you will be making it easier for them to settle in.  Puppies especially will seek out toys to play with, which will come in very handy once they begin to teeth and their adult teeth begin to come through. Not only will toys keep your dog occupied during this awkward stage, it will save your furniture from feeling the brunt of your dog’s discomfort.  Even older pets should have a collection of toys to keep them occupied when you’re home and away.


Always Have Plenty Of Poop Bags

Poop bags are an absolute must have item for anyone when taking their dog out for a walk. There is nothing worse than stepping into a mess that was left behind by someone else’s pooch.  Making sure you clean up after them is important and depending on where you live fines can be imposed on dog owners who fail to do so.  So don’t forget to always bring a few poop bags with you on your walks.  Some of the best pooper scooper models actually will use poop bags to make using them even easier and cleaner as well.

For new owners, bringing home a new dog is an adventure and one of life’s ultimate learning curves. Training can be difficult but, when the time and effort have been put in there are few situations that are as rewarding as owning a canine.  And by following the six tips above you’ll be well on your way to success.

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