Dog Fire Hydrant

Every dog owner has been frustrated at some point with their pooch urinating somewhere in their yard or outdoor space that they shouldn’t. This can often lead to damage and smells which aren’t fun to get rid of. A dog fire hydrant is an uncommon yet extremely useful solution for this very common problem.

The Problem With Pee
A dog’s urine has a very high nitrogen content which can easily lead to lawn damage. Areas of grass that have been peed on multiple times will turn brown which can be a major pain to deal with and an eyesore. This is actually known as lawn burn since the nitrogen in the urine scalds the grass.

Of course there are many other areas where dogs may like to relieve themselves that may not be to your liking, this often especially true with male dogs that use urine to scent mark their territory. Flower and vegetable gardens, car tires, concrete, garage walls, children’s play areas, and even the side of the house may be at risk for your pooch raising his leg.
Dog Fire Hydrant


Create A Spot
The easiest solution for you and your pet is to create a spot for them to do their business and mark their territory that is convenient for the both of you. A fun and functional option is a dog fire hydrant post. Everyone one knows the classic image of a male dog peeing on a fire hydrant and luckily you don’t need to live in the city to be able to have your very own. There are many manufacturers who offer replica hydrants made specifically for both adding some fun garden décor to your yard and as a place for your dog to do its thing.

Dog Fire Hydant

Male Or Female It Doesn’t Matter
A dog fire hydrant potty is not just for male dogs but can be used with females as well. While of they are not going to lift their leg and spray, a hydrant can be an excellent visual marker for where you want your dog regardless of its sex, to use the bathroom.

If you are having trouble training your pet to use the area you may want to consider using an attractant spray which will let them know it’s okay to “go” in the spot where you have placed your hydrant. Some owners will actually place their dog fire hydrant on top of a puppy pad indoors to get them used to using it and then gradually move it to a spot outside.

Dog Fire Hydrant


Choices To Make Both Owners and Pooches Happy
Hydrants come in a few different materials depending on what you are looking for. Resin and metal options usually cost a little more but many are hand-painted and crafted to give them an extremely realistic or even vintage look which can really add to the overall appearance of your space.

There are also plastic models that are less expensive for those whose canine only requires a basic dog fire hydrant to pee on. Of course whatever type or material you choose you should occasionally give it a good hosing down with water.

Dog Fire Hydrant


Storage Space
Some hydrants can be opened allowing you to use the hollow inside for storage. This can be really convenient for keeping poop bags, and other dog-related items and accessories. Some people will even use it as a poop container. Filling it with sand or gravel can be a good idea to make it sturdier so that your hydrant can stand up to high winds and heavy snow. If you choose to do this you may want to leave a little space for storage at the top as well.

Dog Fire Hydrant


Since the dog and fire hydrant go together so well, replicas are often purchased for those who have pet-related businesses or other dog owners as a piece of indoor décor (not for the dog to urinate on). When used inside the house, hydrants with storage often make an adorable place to keep dog food and treats along with other pet supplies.

Dog Fire Hydrant


Outdoor Placement

Where you place your hydrant will determine where pooch uses the potty so you’ll want to decide wisely. An area with good drainage is always preferred and if you don’t have one you can always create it using materials like gravel, river rocks, or fine sand.

You may want to consider a spot that is close to your garbage cans for easy waste disposal and away from your garden or lawn to avoid any damage. A dog kennel or run, can often look quite bare and adding a dog pee fire hydrant can help to add some playful personality and of course a spot for pets to relieve themselves.

Dog Fire Hydrant

To protect your lawn, garden and yard, while creating a landmark for your dog to use for its potty area, a replica hydrant is a fun and good looking option. Whether for male or female pets, owners who want storage or an interesting accent, a hydrant is a conversation piece that will work well.

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