Best Pooper Scooper

Every dog owner has the responsibility of picking up after their pooch. So what is the best pooper scooper to help you get the job done right? Well, there are many different types and each has its own specific areas where it works well. We’ve narrowed it down to the top options to help you keep your home and neighborhood as clean as possible with the least amount of hassle and effort required.

Jaw-Type Scooper

Easy to use and usually inexpensive this type of scooper has become incredibly popular in recent years.  By simply squeezing the handle, the spring-loaded jaws open up allowing you to pick up your dog’s poop while holding the scooper in one hand.  This leaves your other hand free to hold the leash if you need and makes it easy to carry when walking.  By releasing the handle, the jaws shut automatically with the waste inside so you can dispose of it wherever you need to, which also of course only requires the use of one hand.

Best Pooper Scooper

These scoopers are an excellent choice for all surfaces whether concrete, grass, or rocks since all you have to do is make sure you close the jaws right under your dog’s mess.   When used on grass the jaws normally will let the blades of grass slip through while keeping the poop safely secured inside.  Since they come in sizes from small to jumbo they can be the answer for someone looking for the best pooper scooper for large dogs, medium-sized ones, or any of the small dog breeds as well.

Owners of multiple pooches of different sizes often will choose bigger sized models so they can get as much as possible in one go.  Many models will also allow you to cover the jaws with a plastic bag to keep the unit clean and make for a less messy disposal. The image below shows the best rated dog pooper scooper from Amazon which also happens to be a jaw-type scooper.

Best Pooper Scooper

Rake Scooper

Many owners have pets which use a lawn as their place of “business.”  Another one-handed choice that is made specifically for use on grass is a rake style scooper.  Its metal tines will not damage your lawn and you can use it to scoop and lift out the waste in one movement.  This is a simple tool that always works effectively.

Best Pooper Scooper

Rake And Bin Scooper

Using a rake and bin scooper can also be a quick and easy way to clean up poop from grassy areas but also on cement and other hard surfaces. This style is also considered to be the best pooper scooper for rocks as well.  Most canine owners will use one to clean up messes at home or from a dog kennel instead of on walks since you will need to use two hands to get the job done with this variety.

That being said bins can hold a decent amount of waste so you can usually get the entire yard done before having to empty one.  You can also use standard grocery bags to cover bins with these so you won’t have to purchase special doggy ones.

Best Pooper Scooper

Pooper Scooper With Bag

While many of the options listed above can be used with bags over them, there are scoopers that are designed specifically to use bags by themselves for holding poop without the aid of a bin or any other type of container.    This may sound pretty basic and it is but not having a bulky container lets you slide the scooper right under your dog so you can catch the waste in the bag before it hits the ground.  Of course this will leave your grass, rocks or wherever your dog goes spotless.

You also won’t have to worry about cleaning any messy containers since there aren’t any.   Most simply use a pole with a bag attachment so you can bring them with you on walks or use them in the yard one-handed.  The best pooper scooper with bag models will also feature extendable handles so that you won’t have to bend down to use them no matter how tall you are.  For those who are especially sensitive to dealing with waste scoopers with bags are a great way to go.

Best Pooper Scooper

Whether you are looking for the best pooper scooper for small dogs or large with these choices you have more than enough ways to make sure you responsibly pick up after you pet with the least amount of unpleasantness.  So pick an option and start scooping!

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