When we’re at work, many of us think and even worry about what our dogs are up to. We wonder what they’re doing, if they’re bored, or if they’re chewing things up. For peace of mind, here are some ideas that are proven to keep your pooch out of mischief and provide it with some fun activities and entertainment while it is waiting for you to come home.


The most common reason why dogs have destructive behavior is they simply have too much pent up energy. The good news is that the more energy your dog uses up the more relaxed and less likely to chew up your belongings it becomes .  Most dog breeds require two 20 minute walks every day. Of course certain breeds may need less while others even more. However, regardless of the breed you own a long brisk walk every morning will not only help to take the edge off but improve your dog’s health as well.  A morning training, or play session before you go off to work can also help tremendously and often save you from coming home to chewed up shoes or furniture.

 A Comfy Bed

Many people do not realize that dogs spend the majority of their time sleeping while their owners are out. On average, they sleep a total of anywhere from 14 to 18 hours per day so they really do need a comfy spot of their own to snooze while you’re at the office.  Buy something large enough so that your pet can fit its whole body inside with some room to spare._

Dog beds should be soft and placed somewhere warm. Also be sure to take a look at the position your dog likes to sleep in since most, just like humans have  specific sleeping preferences and this may influence which type or style of dog bed you choose.  By providing your pet with its very own special place to sleep you can often also discourage it from napping on your bed or sofa when you’re not around.

Food Dispensing And Puzzle Toys

Every dog loves treats and owners can use that to their advantage with food dispensing toys.  A Kong for example is a toy which can give pets very lengthy, rewarding, and even tiring chewing sessions. Stuffing a Kong with some kibble, frozen foods, or by spraying some Kong brand flavored treats inside and leaving it for your dog when you step out, will keep it busy and happy sometimes for up to a few hours.

While some dogs may try to work out creative and often hilarious ways to try and get the treats out of the toy others will try and use brute force which can be very good exercise for their jaws and relieve stress too. As an owner of two very high energy and often mischievous canines, I use these daily to keep not only keep my dogs distracted but entertained.  The use of food dispensing toys can also help to decrease the separation anxiety that many dogs experience especially once they start to associate you leaving with the positive experience of receiving their favorite toy that they know has goodies inside.

There are also many types of brain teasing puzzle toys for keeping your dog sharp by giving it the opportunity to solve problems it normally wouldn’t encounter. This type of mental stimulation is said to ward off canine cognitive dysfunction and will make your pooch use its smarts in order to get the tasty treats. From simple to more complex there is a variety of options to choose from depending on how much you want to challenge your furry friend.


A little effort and a few dollars spent on supplies can make an enormous difference on your pet’s well-being and comfort while you’re away.  By applying or using just one of ideas above you’ll also be able to cut down on many of your pet’s unwanted behaviors and relieve your own stress knowing that your dog is happily preoccupied during the day.

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