The Most Common Causes Of Dog Aggression

Dog aggression can be a serious problem. However in order to deal with it you need to understand why your pet is aggressive with other canines in the first place. So here are the most common reasons to give you some insight.


Most people don’t realize it but one of the biggest reasons that dogs can be aggressive is because they are actually afraid. This is not just true when they are dealing with other canines but humans too. While it might sound a little strange, fearful dogs may get aggressive first to simply help make sure they don’t end up getting hurt by a potential threat.

The Need To Protect

Some pets feel the need to protect their property and owners from all threats whether human or dog. This can sometimes be the case with certain guardian breeds but also un-neutered males. As owners of male dogs know they will urine mark their territory and some may be ready and willing to take on all who enter into that area.



Many pets can get quite possessive over toys, bones, and other things that they view as their own. Sometimes they can even be possessive over members of the family, which of course is not a healthy situation.


While not as common, dogs can become aggressive and even attack other pets in the home which they normally have no problem with, if they are frustrated. For example seeing another dog close to the fence or property but not being able to get to it, could cause your pet to attack one of his buddies instead. That’s because this frustration and energy becomes mistakenly re-focused on a fellow furry family member.


Never Socialized

This could easily biggest cause of aggression. Puppies need to be properly socialized with other canines, pets, and people so that they are comfortable dealing with them in a normal manner in the future. This is extremely important and needs to be done within the first few months of a puppy’s life.


It’s easy to forget that our pets are descendants of wolves. And because of their ancestry they look at their family both human and canine as a pack. With the humans at the top of this hierarchy dogs need to establish a pack order among the other pets in the home. Sometimes dominant dogs feel that they have to remind the other pack members who is the boss and sometimes that position can be challenged.


Underlying Medical Condition

This is one of the most often overlooked reasons of dog aggression. If your pet suddenly becomes aggressive for what seems like no apparent reason he could be sick or have a serious medical problem. When dogs are in pain they can’t tell us with words, therefore if this sounds like your situation you should be sure to take your pet to see the veterinarian.

You are much better off checking it out, even if it turns out not to be the case. At least you will know for sure and can start to figure out what the real cause is and work on a solution.

All of these reasons can cause a pet to develop aggression towards other dogs. Regardless of whether you own one of the small dog breeds or a pooch that larger, it is a problem that does need to be dealt with.

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