6 Essentials to Pack in Your Pooch’s Emergency Kit

When the weather changes for winter, it can bring flurries, snow, and storms, and you don’t want to be left unprepared when you have your furry friend to care for. That’s why it’s important to pack an emergency kit that’s perfect for your pooch. Here are six essential items you want to include in your dog’s emergency kit.


Make sure you include all the necessary paperwork that includes your dog’s medical history and proof of vaccinations. Should your pet need medical attention at a facility or is being helped by a rescue team, they’ll be able to understand how to better treat him with this information.

Also, include an easy-to-identify list of emergency contacts, such as the addresses and phone numbers of your dog’s veterinarian, animal control, poison control, and local pet hospital. You can also include a recent photo of your pet with a copy of his tag number so it’s easy for animal control or others to identify him if he gets lost.


First-Aid Items

It’s key to have first aid items, such as hydrogen peroxide and a digital thermometer, to remedy ailments like vomiting or to monitor conditions such as a fever. If your pet gets injured and starts to bleed, you need something to stop the flow of blood. Gauze is helpful for wrapping your dog’s wounds, and bandages can help protect skin and control the bleeding.

Make sure you go for pet-friendly, non-stick bandages so you don’t unintentionally damage your dog’s fur or skin. If bandages aren’t available, you can wrap Fido’s wounds with a clean strip of cloth. Also, be sure to include cleanup supplies, such as paper towels, doggy waste bags, and grooming wipes.



Make sure you pack Fido’s medication, especially if he is taking pet meds to alleviate pain or manage an illness. Also, don’t suddenly stop giving your pet his usual monthly medication just because the weather changes. Preventative medication, such as tick and flea medication, can help safeguard your pet from harmful parasites or progressing diseases you may not be aware of right away.

In fact, tick and flea medication is still important to take during the winter months since it’s not impossible for fleas or ticks to survive near-freezing temperatures. Pack enough medication and ones that are easy to consume, such as the chewable tablet forms like Nexgard for Dogs and Puppies.


Food and Water

It’s important for your dog to have food and water to drink because no pet can function properly without them. Pack enough for your pet to eat and drink for a few weeks. You can also include healthy snacks, a collapsible bowl, and a pet-friendly water bottle for convenience.


Tags, Collars, and Leashes

It never hurts to pack an extra tag, leash, and collar. If your pooch frolics away from you and you get separated, a tag is ideal for identifying your pet. It’s also good to have an extra tag and collar in case it gets detached during a winter storm or an emergency. Leashes are also important for directing your pet and keeping him safe, especially if he gets frantic during severe weather.


Comfort Items

If you have to evacuate your home or if the power goes out, you want to make sure your puppy has items to keep her warm and comfortable. Pack comfort items, such as her favorite toy and blanket, to keep her warm and entertained during a disaster. Also, consider including a jacket or sweater and a pair of booties for extra protection in frigid weather.

When winter comes your way, you don’t want to be caught out in the cold unprepared. Pack these six essential items in your dog’s emergency kit to keep him or her safe for the winter season.

Author Bio: Lannie is a writer for Allivet which provides affordable pet medications that can be purchased online.

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